OML 34 is located in Delta state covering an area of 950sqm. The producing facilities are Utorogu, Ughelli East, and Ughelli West, with total flowstation capacity of 90Mbpd. The ESAP Implementation was commissioned as a result of ACA/IFC investment in 2016 and to prepare the entire field for ISO 14001:2015 certification.


Nigeria Petroleum Development Company/ND Western joint venture, operator of OML 34 owns and operates the Field. In 2015 an environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) audit was conducted for the field, and findings from the study were documented in a report and an ESAP was developed.

AquaEarth Consulting Limited was contracted to guide the overall implementation of the ESAP that was developed during the ESDD of the facility as well as prepare the facilities for 3rd party ISO 14001:2015 certification


  • MD’s notification letter to all Staff
  • Stakeholders Engagement andsensitization
  • Update HSE manual to ISO standard
  • Facilitate ESAP Major Gaps Closeouto Phase I&II ESA and CSM
    o Biodiversity Action Plan
    o Stakeholders Engagement Plan o GHG Mapping and Mgt Plan
    o Sustainability Reporting
  • Lead and Internal Auditors Training
  • Internal Audit
  • Certification Audits
  • Close out