What we do best

AquaEarth Consulting provides professional services relating to earth, water, and environment across varying business sectors.

Appreciating the need for infrastructure development yet protect and enhance the world’s environment is where we as professionals meet our clients to deliver comprehensive environmental management solutions associated with regulatory requirements and critical business drivers.

The hydrological system has cycled water for over thousands of years. However, man’s continued interface with this system increases the level of complexity and resultant effects.


Delivering sustainable programs and projects for both current and stakeholders and future generations is beyond plummeting environmental effects but also reduces business risks.

Understanding how plants and animals interact within their natural environment is a precursor to formulating effective conservative programs and sustainable development initiatives.

Employing state-of-the-art technologies to generate real time spatial data is where our surveyors and engineers support our clients to better understand and delineate their space.

When planning structural engineering works, an assessment of the location, subsurface profile and its reliability must be considered for design, construction and operational purposes.

The drive to minimize waste generation and recover by-products through modern technologies and process is directing the future of waste management regulations and practices.

HD-AquaEarth project management service is tailored to suit the “Owners Representative Approach”. Our project managers help assess and advice on project risks, monitor and advice project costing and scheduling as well as quality.

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