Meet Our Team

AquaEarth Consulting deploys a team of highly efficient Scientists, Engineers and Consultants

Unique assemblage is founded on local professionalism supported by international technical partnerships

Our consultants are certified to ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 9001 (QMS), Global Reporting Initiatives(GRI), NISP, NEBOSH, IEMA, UNFCCC, etc.

Our professionals have worked in previous capacities offering advisory roles in the maritime, agriculture, FMCG, oil & gas and energy sectors

Kaine Edike Adewumi

Kaine is a project advisor in Africa specializing in environmental and social governance, renewable energy, sustainability, natural resources conservation and climate change.

Having started off working for Fugro Nigeria, a member of the Fugro Group as an Assistant Consultant, Kaine has  in the past ten years successfully consulted and advised over sixty (60) projects and programs across several sector. Key competencies offered in:

  • Environmental and Social Governance
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Water Management and Watersheds
  • Climate Change Services and Clean Development
  • Sustainability Reporting and Advisory
  • Renewable Energy and Green Policies
  • Stakeholders Disclosure and Socio-cultural Profiling

Onyenachi Achumba

Onyenachi is a specialist in project design and management capacity building, HSE management Systems, marine resources and  environmental risk management.

She has worked in a wide range of development previously with Exonnmobile Nigeria, and Furgo UK, focusing on infrastructure and real estate. Fields of expertise offered:

  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Development and Skills Training
  • Marine Resources Management
  • HSE Management Systems
  • Risks Assessment
  • Contaminant Fate and Effects Studies     

Shior Godwin

Shior supports business development and is also a subject matter expert in engineered environment and quality management systems. He is a systems and process engineering expert with focus on lifecycle assessments, process and environmental risks assessment. Key services include:

  • Project Management
  • Business Development and Contract Management
  • Contaminated Land Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Risks Assessment
  • Environment Management Systems (ISO 14001)
  • Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001)

Agatha Ewolor

Agatha Ewolor is a core professional in the environment, agrology and enterprise risk management. She has extensive experience in managing people and projects, and achieving organizational set goals. Key competence and areas of services include:

  • Biodiversity and Ecology
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Auditing
  • Baseline Survey Planning
  • Interns and Trainee Mentoring and Capacity building
  • Programme Planning and Coordination
  • Risk Management

Francis Arimoro

Francis is an associate Professor in the field of ecology and hydrobiology with focus on oil and gas, power and infrastructure developments. In the last 20 years he has been instrumental in projects and ecological surveys around the Niger delta and coastal Nigeria.

Key services include:

  • Plankton Baseline and Risk Assessment
  • Aquatic Ecology and Macrobenthos
  • Fish and Fishery Resources Profiling
  • Environment Sensitivities
  • Mammalian Ecology
  • Ecosystem Services and Assessment

Omashim Oluwakemi K

Omashim is a public health scientist specializing in socio-cultural and community health profiling, community and stakeholders participation facilitation as well as social and environmental health research.

Key services include:

Key services to the team include:

  • Social and Health Impact Assessment
  • Climate Change and Human Health Advisory
  • Environmental Management Systems and Auditing (ISO 14001)
  • Social/Psychological Health behaviors/Communication
  • Risk Assessments
  • Stakeholders Participation Facilitation, Information and Disclosure